Integrative Shakti Reiki

Reiki Kanji over glowing stars and a geometric pattern.

Integrative Shakti Reiki (ISR)

Science indicates our bodies and minds are complex systems of information processors, inseparable from energy and vibrational fields around us. REI means universal, spiritual consciousness or cosmic knowledge. KI refers to life force. (QI in Chinese, PRANA in Sanskrit and LUNG in Tibetan.) Thus, REIKI refers to "spiritually guided life force energy."

The word Reiki was already in use in Japan when Dr. Mikao Usui developed his technique, which he called Usui Reiki Ryoho. Integrative Shakti Reiki integrates Usui Reiki Ryoho, and Shatki Shamanic Wisdom. Shakti is the feminine wisdom energy that enlivens and activates all universe life-force. From Shakti, Shiva (consciousness) can emerge. It encompasses Tibetan, Pre-Hindu healing energy and symbols or patterns (yantra) of Mahakali and the Dark Mother. The focus is on releasing and transforming emotional, mental suffering, and connect one to Sacred Feminine Light and Divine Love.

Dr. B. Raven Lee integrates reiki in her healing practice, and also teaches reiki to practitioners and reiki master teachers.


There are three degrees or levels of attunement.

First degree attunes the physical body to the universal life force, which promotes this flow and accelerates ability to balance and direct energy towards well-being and healing. This level focuses on basic Reiki principles, self-healing, and allows initiate to give reiki to family members, pets, and the environment.

Second degree introduces initiates to the healing symbols, including distance healing. Following training, initiates can offer reiki to others. The attunement transforms us by raising the vibration in our energy system: physical, emotional, and mental. It generates a quantum leap in intuitive awareness and creates a clear and conscious connection to the Higher Self. It also activates the abilities to use reiki symbols.

Third degree is also known as Master or Shinpiden, which means mystery teaching. The mystery refers to the direct awareness of our true essence. The master level attunes initiates to spiritual awareness and connection to Oneness. It also allows initiates to pass first degree attunement to others.

For those called to teach reiki, the Master initiate may enter advance learning to teach second and master degree attunements.