Integrative Wisdom Path :: An interdisciplinary approach to mind/body healing, consciousness studies, and well-being.

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The 21st century is ushering in a new era of science, psychology, and spirituality in understanding how our minds work, the causes of suffering, and tools to promote wellbeing. Science now affirms what ancient traditions understood, that our bodies and minds are complex systems of information processors, inseparable from energy and vibrational fields around us.

Western psychology began in the 1800s as a study of the psyche or soul. Its founding fathers believed in the existence of a higher, spiritual awareness that is hidden in all of us. The mission of Integrative Wisdom Path is to return psychology to its roots of soul consciousness, and wisdom body practices. The heart of Integrative Wisdom Path is to provide information, education, and therapy for individuals along their paths to awaken and live a vibrant, engaged live. Cultivating compassion and wisdom is key to this journey of discovery and growth.

In the darkness of our crisis, there lies a seed of our true essence that is beyond our survival adaption. We are primed to evolve and flourish, going beyond our fears and sense of separateness. In bridging western psychology, science and spirituality, Integrative Wisdom Path serves as a guide to promote insight regarding the healing process, and empower individuals to transform their lives.

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Unbinding the Soul provides a simple model of healing, drawn from Jungian Psychology, Tibetan Buddhism and neuroscience. Using the author's story of profound loss, it shows how wisdom and compassion can transform crisis into an opportunity for deep personal development, self-awakening and a celebration of the human spirit.